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Carla Minckler

About Minckler's Frameshop

When I opened Minckler's Frame shop in 1985 Santa Barbara was still very much a sleepy coastal community of artists, craftspeople and wealthy retirees. Over the past 25 years the demographic and the livelyhood of the city may changed but the quality framing and personal service of Minckler's Frame shop has stayed the same.

Much of this is due to the simple fact that Minckler's Frame Shop is an owner-operated business who's reputation is built, literally, frame-by-frame by me, Carla Minckler.

I enjoy what I do. I have been doing custom picture framing for 25 years, at the same location. As owner and operator of the business, I do all aspects of your framing process.

I work with 20+ moulding companies from around the world. The frame selection is diverse and unique. The prices vary, depending on the moulding you choose and where in the world it comes from.

I guarantee my work. The framing materials are museum quality. Each material has it&apost;s own warranty. All artwork is framed using the latest preservation and conservation techniques in the industry.

The process of framing is an investment of your time and money. I want you to enjoy the process and be pleased with the outcome.


Loyola-Marymount University, Los Angeles,Ca. B.A. Spanish language and Literature
California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, Ca.
B.F.A. Modern Dance
M.F.A. Modern dance and performance

Apprenticed framer

Continuing Education: Yearly classes and seminars for updated industry standards, ideas and equipment

Other Business Ventures:
Modern Dancer
Clothing Business, design and manufacture
Sea Urchin Business, co-owner